Dominator Street Rods
Award Winning Automotive Customization and Restoration

We are the best in the business. 
At Dominator we take pride in being perfectionists, specializing in custom, antique, classic, race, pro-touring and pro-street vehicles. Our highly qualified professionals consistently deliver outstanding craftsmanship in all automotive services we offer. 

Before you decide what’s possible, before you

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Specialty Auto Repair

We repair anything for your custom or classic car, including but not limited to:
Air Conditioning
Body Parts (including fit)
Door Dings
Electrical systems, 
Engine including Fuel, Cooling and Ignition
Tires and Wheels

Full Custom Builds

Beautiful automobiles that incorporate race inspired power and function are hallmarks of a Leonard Lopez design by Dominator. Our creations are consistent national show winners and have been featured in many publications that receive international acclaim. More than a stunning piece of automotive art, every Dominator built vehicle delivers unparalleled horsepower and impeccable handling. Full custom builds allow the designer, fabricators, and owner to all add their creative input and skill to create a dynamic show piece that will win shows and races all day. 
Nothing compares to a complete custom Dominator build.

Body Fabrication and Customization

Our professional team can hand fabricate; with perfection, any body parts in varied metal types, thicknesses and finishes. We carefully and precisely hand roll all of the rounded pieces on an English Wheel.
Body Channeling
Body Lengthen/ Shorten/ Section
Custom Floors
Fan Shrouds
Hood Scoops
Transmission Tunnels to accommodate modifications
Trunk Lids
Wheel Tubs

Chassis & Suspension Engineering & Fabrication

From a basic upgrade to a complete chassis build, we can design or modify any suspension or chassis systems. All of our chassis assemblies are performed on a surface plate to ensure rigidity and accuracy. Our specialties include:
4-Link suspension systems
Adjustable and independent front and rear suspension systems
Air ride/ Air bag systems
Award Winning custom suspension assemblies
Boxed frames or other reinforcement
Custom frames for vehicles that originally did not have a chassis
Custom steering columns
Long travel or lowered applications
Race-approved roll cages with or without door bars
Wheelie bars

Restoration Services

We can bring any vehicle back to the condition that it was when it rolled off the lot. Our work includes: Detailed research to guarantee authentic condition, Paint matching and original paint schemes, We use OEM parts and wiring whenever possible, and we can fabricate any parts to factory specifications if no suitable replacement exists

Electrical Systems

We can perform everything from basic repairs to complete hand crafted custom creations using higher than OEM quality materials for any application. We use only the highest quality wiring, connections, looms and insulation. All connections are soldered and heat shrunk for superior performance, safety and longevity. Our electricians can design and hand fabricate entire wiring harnesses and systems that emphasize safety, accessibility, and reliability.
We can design and install a large variety of systems including but not limited to: 
Air conditioning
Cruise control
Custom gauges and dash layouts
Electric convertible tops
Electric parking brakes
Remote start systems
Engine management systems (ECMs & ECUs)
Fuel injection systems
Interior and exterior lighting
Keyless entry
LED upgrades
Power locks
Power windows
Stereo, navigation and camera systems

Headers, Mufflers &
Exhaust Systems

Our exhaust systems are custom built by hand for any race, street, or show application including motorcycles and off road vehicles.   Systems made with either steel or 321 stainless steel.
Systems designed to accommodate the steering column, ground clearance, suspension modifications or engine swaps.
All stainless steel headers are TIG welded and back purged to ensure an even and complete union that will never fatigue or leak.
We hand craft our tuned systems with equal length primary tubes out of mandrel bent u-bends for dynamic sound and performance.
We hand fabricate our stainless steel mufflers in house to accommodate all custom applications.
We TIG weld Low Back brand inserts to our custom muffler housings that are designed in house for your unique application.
All of our mufflers are TIG welded and back purged and come with a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship.

Insurance Work

We work with most insurance companies to restore your custom, vintage, race, or antique car back to its pre-accident condition or better.  
All work (body, paint, chassis and electrical) is done under one roof to ensure quality and consistency of all work performed using OEM parts whenever possible.
All work is performed by automotive restoration professionals, with the utmost attention to detail.
We can repair everything from door dings to complete rebuilds.